Product Branding.

Whether you are looking to develop a new product or expand your existing line, our process starts with listening to your ideas and what your product stands for.

What makes it special? What does it lack?

There are many variables associated with branding a new line or a company as a whole. The tedious process of planning ahead can help answer many of the “what if” scenarios. How many products? Where will they be sold? Competitors? We can help by listening to your Big Picture followed by extensive research on what will make your product stand out.


From new concepts to resizing your existing campaign for print or digital, we can plan and develop advertising visuals that work.

Web banners, 3D renderings and website development are additional services we provide.

Graphic Design.

Most companies forget about the small marketing details that end up hurting your Brand and waste their hard work. Branded stationery, forms, brochures, websites, email blasts, social media… are all elements of running a business that can help you grow and improve first impressions to clients by looking more professional.

Kimura Kreative.

Kimura Kreative is a partnership of different industry professionals who absolutely love what they do. Working with clients who have poured countless hours into their businesses deserve attention and customer care that is on a different level. Kimura Kreative is about locking in project objectives from the beginning while delivering options and solutions that exceed client expectations. Our network provides an efficient catered service for each client, it doesn’t stop with graphics, solid relations built contacts and sources for a wide variety of industries.

How it works.

All projects begin with an in-depth conversation about your project, your business and what exactly needs to be done beyond the obvious. Depending on the nature of the project, the exact steps are not always a formula. Each client is different, each client needs different services and attention. Typically, initial drafts or versions will be developed then discussed directly with the client to pin point anything issues, questions or concerns there may be. Next step is to narrow down the choices and work towards final versions as well as begin development of any collateral material that may be effected. Final delivery of a project is always the best part but the project doesn’t stop once the client signs off. We follow the life of that project, knowing it will have to evolve and be improved upon as clients or employees supply feedback.


Expand Your Brand…

How can we make your day easier? What is missing from your marketing materials? Have a product not selling?

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